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Author: Elisabet Hansen

Dennis and Marites are multi handicapped and are totally dependent on someone to care for them. When their mother was alive, it was her full time job to care for them, but when she passed away in June of 2009, it was very difficult for them because she had been Dennis’ hands and feet and was the one to see to that they were able to go to school and receive a high school education.

When she was gone, reality hit, and Marites found herself now in a situation where she feels responsible to support their little family as the father is old and sick and has no work. She now does the cooking and cleaning for the whole family

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Marites suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as “brittle bone” disease. Marites hashad six major fractures and around 60 minor fractures. In her younger years, she would fracture herself with simple movement. (simple movements would cause fractures.) Resting her chin on her hand, for instance, would result in light stress and trauma to her bone. Prolonged standing also caused her spinal column to curve.

Marites, has finished a two-year course in computer hardware.

Marites has also started a greeting card business if you would like to purchase some to help the family out please contact Elisabet at the Rise Above Foundation



Dennis suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as “brittle bone” disease.

Dennis, has experienced three major fractures that required surgery and experience an estimated of more than 50 minor fractures. He was never able to stand or walk. He has to rely on a wheel chair and stretcher to move from one place to another.

Dennis graduated from high school. Their late mother had to wait for the ambulance as early as 4 AM to bring Dennis to school. After secondary level, Dennis took up a vocational course in fine arts but was not able to finish the studies after his mother passed away.

Dennis is an artist and helps Marites with her greeting card business.

Dennis's art is beautiful if you would like to commission a piece please contact Elizabet at the Rise Above Foundation


Gary and Jessica

                    Jessica Elisabet Flemming Gary

Gary And Jessica traveled to the Philippines to meet with the Rise Above Foundation to work out the logistics of repairing a School in Northern Cebu which had been devastated by typhoon Haiyan. Jessica returned to the Philippines with a team of 80 people and together with Rise Above refurbished the school buildings.

While Jessica and I were there we were introduced to Dennis and Marites at their home in Cebu city.

The strength, integrity, humility, and kindness of Dennis and Marites was immediately evident and we immediately wanted to help them in anyway possible.

After our meeting with Dennis and Marites Elisabet and Flemming from the Rise Above Foundation shared the struggles Dennis and Marites encounter on a daily basis. Elizabet and Flemming went on to share their dream of building them a new home to provide income for their security and care.


What-is that we would like to accomplish?

The vision is to build Dennis and Marites a home with rooms downstairs for them to live in and the 2 rooms upstairs to rent out which will give them enough income to live, pay their caregiver and maintain the house for the rest of their lives.

Learn More: Detailed Plans and Pictures


The cost

To build the home we will need to raise:

1 million Filipino pesos

30,000 Canadian dollars

23, 000 U.S. Dollars


The timeline

Ultimately we would like to see the fundraising complete by January 2017 with building to commence soon after


For the real answer you would need to meet Dennis and Marites to experience their love and strength, then there would be no question. However since you probably haven't had the opportunity I will tell you that you have an amazing opportunity to make an immediate profound and lasting change for two amazing people.

by helping you will ensure that Dennis and Marites receive the help they require daily, that they are able to feed and clothe themselves, and that they have a clean safe home to live in.



the cost

To build the home we will need to raise: 

1 million Filipino pesos

30,000 Canadian dollars

23, 000 U.S. Dollars


Ultimately we would like to see the fundraising complete by January 2016 with building to commence soon after

the team

We will be working with the amazing Rise Above Foundation situated in the Philippines

Rise Above


Dennis and Marites live in Mabalo in the city of Cebu




The officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean.  With a population of about 100 million people, the Philippines is the seventh-most populated country in Asia and the 12th most populated country in the world.



Cebu is an island province in the Philippines, consisting of the main island itself and 167 surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines,

Cebu City is the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas.


Rise Above

Since November 2000, we have been working as volunteers in Cebu City, Philippines. Our team is striving to help improve the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged by means of providing educational opportunities, livelihood training, and health and hygiene programs.

We connect and cooperate with volunteers from several countries and help facilitate their work and accommodations in Cebu.

Our vision is to give people a chance to lead better lives through education and training. You can help make that dream a reality through financial contributions or to work as a volunteer.


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Rise Above Foundation Website

Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Inc.
252, I. Limkakeng St. (Formerly 4th Street),
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6000 Cebu City,

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Phone: +63 32 255 1063 / +63 32 255 1973