Rise Above help multihandicapped siblings, Dennis and Marites to produce greeting cards.

Rise Above Foundation Cebu work to help poor families and individuals toward a better life in Cebu City. Dennis and Marites, who are handicapped from a young age, have had a tough life, but their determination and will to work together with us to improve their lives touched us deeply. Since they have artistic talents, we gave them all the materials needed to make greeting cards out of recycled paper, as a way of supporting themselves. You can help them by purchasing their cards and/or give a donation to help them. All your help is greatly appreciated!

Rise Above Foundation Cebu - Project: Dennis and Marites Card-making

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by  Ralph Piezas


A New Roof For Dennis and Marites

By Elisabet Link



A Livelihood Program For Dennis and Marites – Production of Greeting cards.

By Elisabet Link