Happy February everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I have been hard at work on little but important behind the scenes on the Dennis and Marites Project.  If  you visit our donations pages you will notice that our American friends now have a way to donate to the project and receive a tax receipt.  

It is the big things which are so daunting and remaining positive while running into obstacles after obstacle is challenging. I know in my heart if presented with the right opportunity at the right time most people want to do the right kind thing. I also know in my heart we will get this project done.

Lately though I think my timing has been off.

I think it is time for me to refocus and hit the pavement and start door knocking, calling, messaging, and emailing again. I admire Elizabet and Flemming in their persistence and success at presenting right opportunities to people at the right time. Their success speaks volumes.

If anybody reading this knows how to get this project more exposure I would love some help. Please like our Facebook page and share it with your friends.

About the picture

During our time in Cebu Jessica and I visited The Yap Sandiego Hertige house which is the oldest standing residential structure in Cebu City, and maybe one of the oldest in the country. It is 340 years old and the structure is 95% original.

Our tour guide had me sit in one of the oldest “sun tanning chair” for a picture.  When I commented that it was not very comfortable he gave me and Jessica a sly smile and said well it is actually for ladies to birth in. I love Filipino humor.


2016 Here We come!

Well here we are in the New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break from the day to day. Our family was all together in Alberta which was allot of fun.

The Dennis and Marites project has received some donations and for that I am extremely happy!

Locally I have a good kind friend Chris on board helping me with the disc golf tournament end of things, once Chris sets his mind to something there is no stopping him and I am glad he is on my team.

It is still proving challenging getting people to respond to my messages and emails, hopefully in the New Year people will find the time to at least respond.

I have started a new facebook page for the Dennis and Marites project, please join and share your thoughts and ideas around the project.

Facebook Link


About the picture:

On our first night in the Philippines Jessica and myself where treated to a wonderful dinner at Elizabet and Flemming's home . In this photo you see the core group at Rise Above.

I took home Elizabet's delicious Tomatoe and garlic salad recipe as well as learned how to slice the perfect Filipino mango. The yellow mango from the Philippines is like no other fruit in the world, i loved it so much when Jessica returned to the Philippines she brought some home in her luggage for me to enjoy.

And It Begins!

Alright…We are live!

This will be a place where I share our efforts to help Dennis and Marites.  It is here where I will share my thoughts and feelings going forward with the project, ask for help, and look for ideas.

The pictures for this blog will be from Jessica and my trip.

So where to start, as the great philosopher pooh bear says “the beginning”.

Currently I am overwhelmed and tentative. I have started the process of reaching out to a ski hill here in Kamloops to host a disc golf tournament and auction to raise some funds. #sunpeaks

I have also reached out to some of the bigger names in the disc golf business to see if there is any interest from them in helping me. @EricMcCabe11674 #BeDynamic #DynamicDiscs #westsidediscs #latitude64

I have also reached out to a fellow Canadian making the Philippines his home and writing about his efforts to see all the amazing things the Philippines has to offer. Check out his website and Facebook page it is super fascinating. ‏@KyleJennermann #BecomingFilipino

becoming filipino

If there is anyone reading this who is an internet guru in the ways of getting thing to go “viral” as it where speak up. If you have any suggestions on the website itself or people or organizations I should speak to I would love to hear from you.

That is all for now.


Curious about the photo?

The mother of these children live in a very remote region on Cebu. Their story is the siblings are 2 of 8 children being raised by an incredibly strong single mom. During Typhoon Haiyan she had no help and no way of getting help and tragically had to watch one of her babies starve to death. The photo is of 2 of the surviving siblings whose lot in life has become infinitely better since our partner the Rise Above foundation in the Philippines became involved and built them a new home, bring them food, started a garden, and started to train mom in making woven bags from rice bags so that she will be able to earn a living.

She is not the only one there is many more families being helped for more info on the recyclobags livelihood program follow this link livelihood program